Program on Saturday

Something is always happening during the full hours! The log book, area labs, "Geopolulla" - photo exhibition, sausage and pancake frying point, and Signal the Frog -banner are open all day in the centre point of the event. All events are close to each other. The events are mainly in the field of the sports academy and the maintenance building next to the sports field. Therefore the atmosphere of the event is staying high and will be high with some entertaining programme. That's why you might want to visit a bit longer. You don't need to stay hungry or thirsty either, as the sports academy has a restaurant, where you can get a discount with a nametag.

We also have a programme for children, Teddybear spotting and Art spots, of which you can get more information from the info point. The surprise competition (at 11 AM) is also suitable for kids. Signal The Frog has an interview at 3 PM, and children can come to ask anything from Signal; Signal will answer with a thumbs up or down.

Siniset ajatukset MEGA FINLAND:

9 AM: Event opening, the reveal of the log book, area labs open

10 AM: Introducing the organizing team (who can make it to the introduction), Konsta Pylkkänen thinking, spot the Pylkerö's tracking code during the following hour

11 AM: SURPRISE COMPETITION for those in the area, Interview with Best Geobuddies: PaiviD and Ircer77

Noon: Interview with the most famous geocacher of Finland: harjus

1 PM: Interview with the Memorable Geocaching story creator: Ihmisankka, Interview with the FTF hunters of Kainuu: Kini6 and jpkruska

1:30 PM: Introducing the organizing team (who can make it to the introduction)

2 PM: Interview with the Anything can happen when geocaching! story creator: Ehlana64

3 PM: Interview with Signal The Frog using thumbs up or down; children and childish people can come near the stage and ask Signal anything! Interview with the Super Couple of Geocaching Ibikset, Konsta Pylkkänen thinking, spot the Pylkerö's tracking code during the following hour

3:30 PM: Interview with Best Geobuddies: AJUT and Pleam

4 PM: Registration and rules of the Ratkaiseva Reitti competition, Interview with the new reviewers RewieverNadine and Vulpi_ignis

5 PM: Ratkaiseva Reitti competition begins

6 PM: Interview with the hosts of Ärjäpäivä: rosvo and Vanahus

7 PM: Ratkaiseva Reitti competition ends

7:30 PM: Deadline for returning Bingo, prize ceremony of Ratkaiseva Reitti competition

7:45 PM Price ceremony of Bingo competition

8 PM: Event ends, log book and area labs are closed, beach sauna ready for an informal social event.

8:30 PM: Rääppäiset-event on the event area